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You remember those times when you were in high school and you were so excited to go to college because it’s college? I mean, we’d all heard about the parties, especially the freedom. We couldn’t wait. We’d spent months waiting for that shiny letter that would take us away. And then it did.

Now, we’ve all realized how overrated it was. Mostly, it was studying, studying, and a little more studying. Parties happened rarely; often times it happened when you had paper due. So what the hell? It was sleepless nights and panic-induced outputs. It was too much homework and frequent anxiety attacks.

But who am I kidding? It wasn’t just that. It was also quite fun. Remember those strangers in your classroom who are now changing your life. Remember those silly dance performances you guys were forced to do. Remember those jokes that quickly turned into deep talks. Remember those romantic dramas that you were forced to watch, and now you have few of your own. Remember how silly it was watching your friends fall in love, and now you’re crying with them. (10)Remember!

College has been an adventure, and now you’re about to go. You’re almost packed. Don’t forget these memories and experiences; these lessons and discussions; this roller coaster ride. Believe me, honey, you will miss this. (9)Life after this is going to be little more challenging. You’ll need this to remind you of how beautiful struggling can be. You’ll need the fun to be able to look forward to the future. Some days will drain you, but you have to remember how you built your dreams; how it all started; how colorful your life can be. (8)Always be open for the possibilities.

You’re probably excited and maybe a little scared. I am too. Graduation isn’t synonymous to having your life figured out. I know you feel like you have no idea what to do now, where to go, or how to do it. I know you’re terrified to take the leap. I know Mom and Dad want you to do this and your professor is encouraging you to do that. (7)Don’t worry. You have time. You don’t have to hurry. You’ve only just finished college. The world isn’t going to expect you to immediately discover the cure for cancer. It isn’t going to force you to become the president. (6)Great things take time. Sometimes people are like that too.

Along the way, you’ll fall apart — get a little lost and probably shut down for a bit. That’s life. (5)Take a rest. Sleep a little. Give yourself some time to heal. And when you do, (4)stand up again. You have to remember how important it is to decide to wake up again. You have to decide, and you have to remember why you do.

When it feels like you’re stuck and can’t get out, you can. You can change your life. (3)You can live in any way that you want. It is your God-given right. Nobody can take that away from you. (2)You can dream as much as you want. This is your life. This is your gift. Use it. (1)Use it to change the world.      


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