white bathtub filled with water. white female arms with crooked legs. the water is filled with pink, yellow and red flowers and paper

The Process

Recovery                                                                                             Recovery is a constant                                                                                        is never ending state of mind.                                                                                      must remind oneself some part of my                                                                                  how far you have came. brain constantly                                                                                  time is on your side now working.                                                                                              the shower is a place some days it makes                                                                             for relaxation to settle in. an unwelcoming                                                                                  Home is a home again.                       appears […]

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sunbeam shining over washed out green grass with a skinny brown tree trunk


Sometimes life just simply feels perfect. Flawless and divine like fresh fruit or the beatingof a bird’s wings. So perfect that it is simply effortless in its beauty. Straightening your hair asyou feel the gracious light of the sun crawling over every inch of your exposed skin. The first taste of the air as you […]

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night sky with black clouds, small glowing moon reflecting on dark water over black mountains

Reflecting the Moon

I believe only truly sad people understand the moon. How it shines reflects the world around it the way it hides, changes shapes. The others— only notice when it’s full big and bright only when it does something magnificent.. life altering. Only then, will the world around it Stop. And take sight. Only then does […]

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by Avery Markle Even after traveling for days,Meeting people with accents I have trouble understanding,And watching fog roll over different landscapes –Tangled up in blue.Tasting southern sodas and magnolia fields,And feeling hail bruise my skin as the clouds are swallowed by sun. Crushing new dirt beneath my soles,Crying over bodies I’ve never met,Seeing fields of […]

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Native Soul

by Avery Markle The world once tossed your native soul to valleys of love where all is born. And in these hills the trees did sing, the rivers brought forth the rhythm of wind. Your vagrant mind and wisdom old uplift the fires in your native soul. Your eyes reflect those of your mother; honey […]

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indigo blue

by Shaina Marrie Dayon there, by the hallway, a little girl stood. forlornly, she paced—the wind stinging her eyes. or so she told herself. her trolley bag sat by their classroom doorway, waiting for her to calm down. her teacher’s voice wafted from inside the classroom where she’s knee-deep in a tutoring session. the little […]

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Crystal Woods

by Aayushi It was amusing, When the woods were chopped down It was amusing, To see them fuck up  and burn it to the ground It took a minute  Until they realized it at the end Legalizing the dismantling of the woods Was gonna overload the system that hung by a thread They fawned over […]

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by Beth Portnoy “You see? You’ll never be able to see me. Not really.” She gives a chuckle, his blood on her arm mixing with her own. “Let me help you.” He reaches out his hand, stretching it out to hers. “Let me pull you up like you once did for me. You don’t have […]

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