by Tiana Frias

it’s a complicated thing. a sensation that bubbles over in the chest and makes everything light— air. it takes the journey around the world, sailing uncharted waters. but it is also a sinking feeling, the suction taking the breath right out of the lungs. a serotonin, a dopamine that refuses to be recreated. a rejection that brings its prey down, down under. it can only be love, listed out before me. 

Love. it refuses to be felt in one way: 

i love my family

i love my friends

i love my pets

i love him

i love books

i love reality tv

i love music 

i love the beach 

i love good food

i love silver jewelry

i love my passions  

but there is a love missing from this list. a feeling that requires attention, care, raw emotion. this is a deeper love, one that will be broken and will be put back together. this love is essential. like the roll of the tide, there are many stages to love, but a reassurance that all that was put out will once again return to shore. the love of oneself, is the love. it is the glue which holds it all together. it motivates, pushes, releases, blossoms, suspends, bends and breaks. this love, the love… it comes in waves.

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