by Mihara Minsadi

You pick the pins off the floor for them to walk on it smoothly and unharmed but your hands are bleeding. 

You carry the weight of the world for them, but they see it as you carrying a tiny rock. The rest of the weight is invisible to them. 

You move mountains for them, they don’t move so much as a chair for you. 

They all have comfortable seats in your heart, in the highest places, but in theirs you’re not even in it. 

To you they are the whole universe, to them you are merely a comet that is in their way. Yet you keep trying to fly at them and flash as brightly as you can with hope that they notice you but they just close their eyes whenever you fly by and they forget about you once you’re gone. 

You swim through all the seven oceans to be with them but they won’t lift a single foot to get closer to you. 

Their smiles are real but yours aren’t. 

Now imagine you did all these things but for yourself. Imagine that and start doing it. You deserve what you do for others for yourself. Love yourself the most, the way you always do for them. Start today. Put yourself first.

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