by Aayushi

There are too many words 

You must have heard them 

Learnt too many paragraphs 

To explain it all along 

I have saved them all 

Hidden soundly, all in a corner 

When I often ask me 

I can’t understand where I lost the key 

Just a finger on my lips 

And it all disappears 

Verses that I wanted to sing to you 

Are left without any melody too 

Trust me, I know 

I want you to know

But when I wish to speak 

The finger on my lips conceal it 

There are promises 

There are words 

But I wish I could run away 

But my vices are all I’ve heard

The darkest of worlds 

And the quietest of words 

I wish I could let them out 

But when I do would you still be around? 

I’ve asked it all a million times 

And a million times again 

But all the answer that 

I ever find Is what I’ve hidden inside for days 

I’ll let silence cover it for me 

Let it shout out to the dark 

Hope you’ll still be here 

When all of my worlds fall apart

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