by Tiana Frias

watch as my tears drip down emotionless face as you stand in place at a steady pace they race
lies untold become the truth behold

listen as pain takes over
hoping you’ll stay and pulling on your chain while i take blame again and again
i beg and plead
“please don’t leave”

i sit staring at the ceiling
clutching my chest,
begging for the sweet air to fill my lungs i watch as the ceiling plays our memories

watching you walk away like they always have you said you wouldn’t
you said you were different from the others

“don’t compare me to him”
then why did you break me like him?
if our love was so strong why was it not enough i wanted so bad for you to be the one

we both knew you weren’t even close doomed from the beginning
and red flags turned into hearts in my eyes the pain you brought makes me think

sometimes i wish we never met…

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