11 Gifts for the Fashionista Who Has Everything

You pulled your most fashion-savvy friend out of the list for Secret Santa this holiday season, and now you’re completely stumped on what to get her. She practically owns everything already, especially anything that’s related to style or fashion. It becomes even harder if you’re not a fashionista yourself, and you may not feel comfortable picking out something that will really excite her. That’s why we’ve put together the ultimate guide to buying the perfect gift for the fashionista in your life.

1. A tulle skirt: $40-80
Image via Walk in Wonderland

Any fashion blogger can tell you that tulle skirts are really in style but are also classic enough that they won’t fade with the latest trends. They’re versatile because you can pair one with a blazer and heels when you need to be professional, but you can also add a sequin top and turn it into a holiday party outfit to rival them all.

You can get tulle skirts from a variety of places, including Space46 Boutique, The Girl That Loves, and Windsor.

Tulle skirts can be on the pricey side — which is exactly why you should team up with a friend and split the cost, surprising a friend with a gift from the two of you that she won’t easily forget. Sharing the gift says: “We really care about you, so we planned this out.” Now you can both check her off of your lists.


2. A Katiebowhead accessory: $15-40
Image via Katiebowhead
Image via Alaina Leary

Katiebowhead’s shop has everything a fashionista needs: bracelets, key fobs, card holders, beer koozies, hair accessories, and even holiday-themed Mickey Mouse ears headbands. Each item is paired with bold patterns, glitter, and sequins in a way that’s showstopping enough to impress your fashionista friend. If she’s already a bracelet aficiando but you think what she really needs is a new lanyard, buy her a matching set. The best part? KBH takes custom orders and in the past has created bracelet collections in school colors. Now’s the time to buy a gift that shows school or sorority pride!

Katiebowhead’s accessories evoke the feeling of a designer brand without the price tag.


3. A floating locket: $25-40
Image via Origami Owl

Floating lockets make such a dramatic statement, whether they’re worn around the neck or on the wrist. They can be filled with charms that reflect the personality of the owner, making them an ideal gift because your friend can continue to buy charms to add to it.

Origami Owl sells a wide variety of floating lockets, charms, and accessories to decorate your locket, and Stamp the Moment does as well.


4. Jewelry stand: $10-30
Image via The Appleseed Blog

If she owns a lot of jewelry, your fashionista friend is going to need somewhere to store it all. What better way than by gifting her a jewelry stand, or even a jewelry tree, so she can display her accessories around her room like a decoration? There are an array of adorable stands at Umbra, and you can even make one yourself.


5. Her Fashion Box: $40/month
Image via Her Fashion Box

Her Fashion Box is a monthly package that comes with 2-3 fashion accessories and at least 4 beauty and lifestyle samples, and it’s tailored to an individual style profile. As long as you can figure out enough about your friend to choose which style profile she’d prefer without her guessing, this is one gift that will definitely make her smile.


Image via Socialbliss
6. The Style Box: $40/month

The Style Box by Socialbliss is delivered monthly and includes items with a value of at least $100. There are more than one option for plans to sign up, so you could reasonably order one month for a friend and another month for yourself. Honestly, what stylish lady wouldn’t want to unwrap this or pick up this package at the campus mail room?


7. A fashion illustration phone case: $20-40
Image via H. Nichols Illustration

If she’s already got everything — and we mean everything — then turning to fashion-themed phone cases is a smart move. Many fashion illustrators have added their flawless artwork to the phone case market so that you can show off your passion for fashion even while you’re texting. A phone case is so much more than protection these days, anyway; it’s a decorative way to showcase what you love.

Quite a few fashion illustrators sell their designs for phone cases, including H. Nichols Illustration, Melsy’s Illustrations, and Rongrong Illustration.


8. Boot socks: $20-35
Image via Grace and Lace

You can’t go wrong with boot socks. Your fashion-forward friend probably has a pair, but with winter in full swing, she can never have too many. Grace & Lace has an adorable selection of creative boot socks that will pair nicely with any style of boots to prepare your friend for the chilliest of winters.


9. Book scarves: $40-50
Image via It’s Emma Elise

For the stylish lady in your life who is always reading a book, Storiarts’ book scarves are the perfect option. You know she’s never seen without a book and constantly looks fabulous at the same time, and you want to combine her favorites. You can find anything from Jodi Picoult to Sherlock Holmes to Alice in Wonderland on a scarf.


10. A subscription to her favorite fashion magazine: $12-30/yearmagazines-stack-reading-magazine-large

Maybe your friend has an obsession with Harper’s Bazaar but hasn’t gotten around to paying for a subscription. You can surprise her with a year’s subscription to her favorite fashion magazine for fairly cheap. Most annual subscriptions cost between $12-30. Whether she’s into Vogue, Marie Claire, Glamour, Elle, or even one of the smaller, more localized choices, this gift will keep giving all year long.


11. The Giving Keys: $30+
Image via Paper Airplane Blog

This one’s an excellent idea if you have a fashionista in your life who also loves volunteering and giving back to the community. The Giving Keys is a company invested in social good, and all of their jewelry is made by people who are transitioning out of homelessness. The idea behind these keys is that when you find someone who needs it more than you, you give it to them to offer inspiration, support, and hope. It’s a gift you can really feel great about because it will get passed along as more and more people are affected by the positive message.



We hope this gift guide brings stylish joy to the fashionista in your life!

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