3 Awesome Brands That Are All About Body Positivity

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Being a teenager is hard as it is, and then you’re slammed with unrealistic expectations about your body and how you should look.

We’re all told by society that there’s something wrong with us — whether it’s your weight, height, skin color…. And we’re all taught from an early age to compare ourselves to seemingly flawless, size 0 models on social media and in magazines.

That’s why the body positivity movement that has been gaining traction in the last few years is so important. Body positivity teaches us to love ourselves and our bodies — no matter what that body looks like.

There are some amazing brands out there that have truly made an effort to be inclusive and diverse, promoting body positivity to their communities. In the article below, we’ve highlighted three brands that we think are doing some awesome work when it comes to promoting body positivity — read on to find out more.


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Knix is an underwear brand that specialises in period proof pants and super comfy bras.

Since the brand began, they have focused on creating clothing that makes the women who wear it feel comfortable and confident.

One of the things that is so great about Knix and their designs is that the products aren’t made for anyone else; they’re made for you. Whether it’s leakproof underwear that makes dealing with periods easier or sports bras that compress and encapsulate your breasts at the same time for maximum support and comfort, each piece has been carefully thought through.

There’s no hypersexualisation of underwear here or itchy and uncomfortable fabrics. Instead, there’s a revolutionary use of fabric technology and design that goes towards creating products that are seamless, moisture-wicking, leakproof, and anti-odor: everything you need to feel confident.

Knix uses an inclusive, diverse range of models with different body types and sizes, showing their commitment to providing amazing underwear for women everywhere. Their images are raw and untouched, which we think is the perfect way to show off an inspiring brand promoting female body positivity.


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You’ve probably heard of the online retail giant ASOS. Not only are they a global leader when it comes to fashion, but they are also super body positive. We think they say it best with this opening statement on their website:

“We believe in a world where you have total freedom to be you, without judgement. To experiment. To express yourself. To be brave and grab life as the extraordinary adventure it is.”

ASOS has worked hard over the years to make sure that this dream is accessible to everyone. The brand offers clothes in over 30 sizes and has committed to offering sizes at the same price, ensuring that no one is left out by restrictive sizing and prices. They’ve also partnered with LGBTQ media activists GLAAD on a gender-neutral collection of clothes — of which 25% of the proceeds go towards the organisation, which strives to accelerate LGBTQ acceptance.

It’s this kind of inclusivity that makes ASOS shine like the beacon of body positivity that it is — and they haven’t stopped there. The brand uses more than 200 models to showcase their products and represent their diverse community of customers. None of the models’ images are digitally altered or reshaped — and they don’t remove stretch marks either.

For the millions of young women that use ASOS to buy clothes, this is a huge deal. We all remember growing up hating our stretch marks — and trying to hide them — while on the beach or at the pool. So it’s fantastic to see a giant clothing brand representing “normal” women everywhere instead of trying to suppress these experiences and using editing to smooth over natural skin.

ASOS celebrates all shapes and sizes, and that’s something that we think is worth celebrating.


Image credit: Instagram

Rebdolls is one cool online store: providing “unapologetic fashion” to women from size 0 to size 32. They pride themselves on being a minority and woman-owned brand — creating inclusive fashion and trendy products for women like themselves.

In May 2016, they launched their  #SEXYFORALL slogan to champion body positivity and raise awareness of body size diversity in the fashion industry.

You just need to check out Rebdolls’ Instagram page to see snaps featuring a whole range of beautiful, confident, differently shaped and sized women. Rebdolls is proving that being sexy and skinny aren’t mutually exclusive. The models and customers that they feature positively ooze cool, and their fashion range is sassy and on-trend.


We’ve come a long way from the distinct gap there once was between fashion and inclusivity. Although there is still a way to go, it’s amazing to see that the body positive movement is being recognised, accepted, and applauded.

These three awesome brands in particular are pioneers of body positivity — and they are paving the way for others in their industry.




Knix is a body-positive underwear brand on a mission to make women feel confident and comfortable through its revolutionary sports bras and period proof underwear.

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