Next time you see me
Try to find how hollow my smile has become.
How it bears all my teeth to prove I am complete
But most of them have cavities anyway.

Next time you see me
Grab my hand and show me the light.
I’ll surely be burned like the ghoul that I am
And shrink back off into my pitiful blackness.

Next time you see me
Try and find the light in my eyes.
Because the bulbs have been getting duller daily
And now everything in me has been burned out.

Next time you see me,
If you ask me to dance
You’ll find the bounce that once held my steps
Has been beat out of me by years of self-loathe and torment.

Next time you see me
Just walk away.
Your intentions are too pure for a wrecked soul like mine.
I couldn’t bear to claim another victim.

Next time you see me
Pretend you hadn’t.
Vampires are best kept in coffins




Julia MaltbyJulia Maltby is a 15-year-old girl who lives in Northern New Jersey, a short drive from New York City. She enjoys playing soccer and basketball as well as writing stories and poetry. Writing has always been an outlet for Julia to express herself, and poetry especially helps her see what great things she can produce even at her lowest moments. She’s an aspiring author and cinematographer, and she enjoys making short documentary-style films for her family and friends. Find more of her writing on wattpad @maltby631.

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