“I am awaiting, perpetually and forever, a renaissance of wonder.” What do we consider as a wonder? We are all waiting for a miracle. Trying to find the reason it never comes. Maybe miracles never happen, but our yearning for them makes us perceive as wonders the plenty beautiful incidents that might happen in our lives. Or maybe that’s the point. The great renaissance of wonder could be the one of us finding things we interpret as such, the meaning and beauty in everything. But how is it like not believing? And how do they handle it? How do you handle life and death if you don’t believe in at least something that could cause it to happen?

They wish to be cured; they wish to live, to give birth, to fill their world with the shining light of happiness. We are in great need of belief and hope, and somehow, subconsciously, cause them to happen. And then, maybe our miracle is the nostalgia that emerges into us when we remember all the happy, thrilling, sad, exciting, devastating, emotional moments of our life. When I witness, watch, or read about that nostalgia, I am filled with tears and sometimes sadness for the fact that that life of theirs, that ordinary but lovely one, is ending.

The miracle could be the transformation of sadness into happiness as well, that happiness shining and sharing that light to everyone as it shines from your eyes and your smile during your reminiscing. I love life. I hope and wish and promise I’ll always enjoy every moment of my days and years, and I’ll turn into a much more positive and happy person with the feeling to perceive every little moment as a renaissance of wonder. I don’t want to wait perpetually and forever. I want to create it, cause it to happen, or at least imagine it.





_20151114_192829Elena Christidis is a 16-year-old high school student from Greece who loves reading, drawing, dancing, and, most of all, writing. Though English is not her mother tongue, writing in English comes naturally for her, something she attributes to her father who made her love English by firmly believing that she should be speaking English like a native speaker. Poetry is her favorite both in writing and reading. In the future she wants to study psychology in a Greek university and then go abroad to attend a creative writing course.

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