There were so many words. She could feel them thick in the air, fluttering over her skin and getting tangled in her hair

People passing by were throwing catching exchanging an endless torrent of words, as they strode through the city streets

Caught amongst a crush of bodies and caught within a dozen strangers’ worlds, she threw back her head and laughed

In total awe at this elaborate game that they all navigated with ease as they moved through a thick stream of communication that was their life

Half spoken hollow words fell from her mouth and lay crumpled on the ground next to her feet

Moving through the crowd she danced, twisting her arms above her head towards the sun, the sky, away from the endless noise of other people. She existed in isolation, woven from glass and iron.

A group of men slouched against a bus shelter, tossing harsh crimson words at each other. They stared transfixed as light reflected off her delicate limbs

Howling at her, their eyes gouged foul intent into her flesh, oily words that stuck to her skin and burrowed underneath, forcing her shoulders up and twitching her lips into a snarl

She emanated a fierce light, burned their crude howls into silence, smirked as their silent shrieks of rage trailed towards the rooftops, indistinguishable from their cigarette smoke

Arms spread out for balance; she placed each foot carefully upon the pavement, avoiding whispered secrets and shames someone had forgotten to sweep up

Moving across the city she left a space behind her, a soft glow and a lack of words

Beautiful eyes sought hers from across the street and she responded with a metal stare and velvet touch and couldn’t decide whether to give in sink in

to someone else’s skin or twist through twirling streets with wild limbs and ecstatic silence


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