Dear Future Me,


Though you may not have thought so then, I hope now you know: you are loved, you are kind, and you are wanted. I hope you followed the path you have wanted since you were 9. I hope you stayed, and will continue to stay tried and true to your goal.

Now that you have grown up, finished elementary, middle and high school, graduated from college and moved on to graduate school, I want you to know that no matter where you are, you find yourself comfortable. You have probably found your true passion and desire leaving petty teenage problems behind.

Grown up now and looking back on yourself, do you find what you did to have shaped you or were you phony in high school? Do you conform to societal norms now? If you do, I am disappointed. You should continue down your path to success by being you and no one else. I hope you have never changed your personality because people around you changed. I pray that you look onward toward the future and only glance back to reminisce on the great times you had as a kid.

I need you to have focused on the positive and kept your right foot forward. You have always had a way about you that was different from that of others in your life. You strayed from the beaten path in life and had troubles connecting. I hope that you have connected well with people and given yourself space to grow. I want you to know that your potential is immense, and I hope you’ve realized things we’ve never dreamed of realizing. You are a vessel full of light and untapped potential. Tap into it now if you have not already. And know that I love us even if I don’t show it often enough.

Love, Grace




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