Jellyfish are transparent in color and you can see all of its insides. And even though you know touching it would do you harm, you’re too mesmerized and too caught up with its beauty to care.
She was like that as well.
Roaming around – loud and happy
Like a ball of sunshine that never ran out of light.
I thought I knew her as much as she knew me.
But just like the jellyfish in the sea,
She was electric.
She was the storm in the rain,
the chaos in the riot.
She was different than what people saw her for
Because she was something more.





Adriana DanishAdriana Danish is an 18-year-old, Malaysian-born Liberal Art student who’s too engrossed in Greek myths to care about the Internet patriarchy that everyone seems to be obssessing about. She writes and reads every time she can, or she lets herself devour into bands like The 1975. Sometimes she writes on her blog about her perspective on random things.

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