5 Creative Fashion Ideas for Concerts

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The thing about going to concerts is that while you want to be as creative and fashionable as possible, you also want to be practical and comfortable. There are a lot of things to think about: You need to factor in if it’s a seated or standing concert (you want to be able to jump and/or dance if it’s the latter), if the venue is indoors or outdoors (Coachella fashion is for, well, Coachella), and the distance you have to walk to and from key areas, like the restroom as well as the food and drink stands.

To help you pick out your concert couture, here are some fail-safe yet still fashionable ideas that would go well with any kind of music genre and venue.

Dress + Sneakers

For the ladies who want to look both laid-back and sophisticated, opt for a dress-and-sneakers combo. It’s a fusion of traditional and unexpected that suits practically every personality and body shape. A snug (not tight) little black dress always works well, but if you want a punch of color, you can always go for large texts, bold prints, or bright hues like pink and orange.

Meanwhile, in the shoe department, tried-and-tested Chuck Taylors match pretty much anything in your wardrobe. Go for the trademark red for a sharp contrast with your LBD. If you’re more of an artist, get generic white canvas sneakers and customize them for a look that’s all your own.

Personalized Accessories

Speaking of customization, wearing personalized accessories shows not only your sense of style but your absolute love and support for the artist. From the most basic “I LOVE <insert name of artist>” shirts to color-coordinated glow sticks (thank you, Jpop and Kpop, for the idea!) to personalized wristbands, let your outfit show just how big of a fan you are.

Customized wristbands, in particular, are easy to match with any kind of concert ensemble. They’re also quite affordable and eye-catching, with various styles, colors, and materials to choose from. What’s more, a customized wristband can also serve as a security and identification tool in large-scale concerts.

Well-Worn Denim Jacket

Denim is one of the most versatile materials in fashion, and a denim jacket is a timeless apparel that works for all musical genres, from heavy metal to bubblegum pop. Whether you choose to wear it over a dress or a T-shirt or accessorize it with a scarf or a hat, you can’t go wrong with a denim jacket. Distressed and oversized pieces are ideal for more casual looks and outdoor venues while dark washes and close-fitting styles can be used for dressier events.

What’s more, you can wear a denim jacket in any weather. It’s light enough that you can wear it during summer yet heavy enough to keep you warm during mild winter days. Also, don’t discount the power of denim on denim — just make sure to wear different shades for the top and bottom and don’t use denim accessories (like bags or hats).

White Shirt + High Rise Jeans

The most classic of concert looks is the white shirt and jeans pairing. It’s basically a blank canvas that lets you unleash your creativity. You can go from grunge to soul to rap to funk simply by switching your accessories. And, like the denim jacket, this simple fashion can go from spring to winter and back again without going out of style.

Stick to straight cut or boyfriend jeans if the concert’s going to last for several hours. Skinny jeans may be stylish, but they might not be too comfortable after 6 hours of standing and walking. High rise styles are also ideal for standing concerts, not just for comfort but for peace of mind as well; you don’t want to be pulling up your pants every so often while you’re out conquering the dance floor.

Oversized Sweaters

Not only are oversized sweaters comfortable, they are also rather easy to style. They go well with jeans or shorts or skirts, sneakers or sandals or boots, layered or as is, or, for ladies, worn like a mini dress. For outdoor, warm-weather concerts, choose fabrics like linen and cotton. During winters or at air-conditioned venues, you may want to opt for thicker materials like wool.

Sweaters can also be easily dressed up or down, depending on the kind of concert you’re going to. From hats to scarves or statement jewelry, oversized sweaters are as flexible as your white T-shirt when it comes to accessorizing.

No matter how simple or fashion-forward your outfit is, there’s one thing you have to remember when dressing up for concerts: Have fun and enjoy the show!




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