Halloween is just around the corner, and you still haven’t decided on this year’s costume. You want something different — a disguise that won’t be a twin or triplet at the Halloween party. How about something retro yet creative enough to be a costume? Here are five vintage-inspired costumes that are easy to assemble just in to time for you to dance the Monster Mash.

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1. The 1950s has long been one of America’s favorite decades because of the emergence of television and good family values. It was also the decade when teenagers developed their own social identity. The Mickey Mouse Club was a popular TV show for young audiences, and the most-recognized Mouseketeer was Annette Funicello. What a great way to reuse your Mickey Mouse ears from your last Disneyland trip with this costume. Don’t have a pair? The Disney store has a pair for under $14. You can iron letters to a plain T-shirt or sweater, wear a long skirt, and pair your outfit with some white socks and black flats. Voila!



2. There’s something about bright mini dresses and go-go Lost_In_Spaceboots that makes the ’60s groovy. However, don’t go for the obvious. Forget about the hippie costumes and instead be Penny or Judy Robinson from Lost in Space. A low-belted dress is so simple and so ’60s mod. Pair it with some colorful leggings and a matching long-sleeve shirt or sweater underneath. Don’t forget to tease your hair to create the voluminous hair from the era of space travel! You can pair the costume with any boots you have or with go-go boots if you’re willing to splurge a little.



beatles fans
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3. You may be a Directioner, but have you thought about being a fan of your parents’ favorite band? You may be familiar with the Beatles, and you may know all the words to one of their songs, so go ahead and give this costume a chance since you already have the boy band enthusiasm. You can find real ’60s dresses at thrift stores. Look for polka-dotted or colorful shift dresses. You can also wear a top with a Peter Pan collar along with a pair of colored pants or jeans. Style your hair in ponytails or in a flip, and you can even buy a pair of cat-eye glasses if you want. Don’t forget your Beatles fan pin created by images you can print; gloss them with Mod Podge or cover them with tape, and then insert a safety pin to create your own Beatles fan badge.



4. In the 1960s, girl groups ruled the music industry with their songs and style. The Supremes and The Ronettes were two of the most fashionable girl groups with their glitter dresses (or pant suits) and voluminous hairdos. You may already own a long, sequined dress or a pant suit from your school dances or class presentations. Turn them into costumes by wearing a ’60s wigbold earrings, and long lashes.



5. Audrey Hepburn is one of the most easily recognizable celebrities out there. One of the most popular films by the legendary actress and humanitarian is Breakfast at Tiffany’s, the 1961 film about an independent New York socialite who later falls in love with her neighbor. This costume is iconic yet simple to recreate with a black dress, your hair up in a bun with a shiny hair pin, and pearls around your neck.


Now that you’ve seen all five vintage-inspired costumes, are you inspired to create any of these looks? Comment below with your favorite one. Happy Halloween!

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