“A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies,” said Jojen. “The man who never reads lives only one.”
– George R. R. Martin, A Dance with Dragons

The first Saturday in November is Book Lovers Day, which means that this year, it’s today, November 7th! Time to curl up in your favorite reading spot with a good book and relax. Whether you pick up that new release you have been wanting to read or visit old friends in a favorite book of yours, it’s all about relaxing and, most importantly, reading! Here are five ways to help you celebrate:

1. Book Face

lux bookfaceTake a picture holding a book in front of your face so that it lines up with the face on the cover. This is not limited to just faces, though. for instance, lining up your hands with the hands on the Twilight cover works too. Get creative!






2. Make a Book Rainbowbookrainbow

Make a book rainbow by stacking a book in every color.
Or, make a stack of books in just your favorite color. Then, snap a pic and share it on Instagram!



3. First Sentence Book Challenge

Grab a friend and try out the First Sentence Book Challenge.
How to play: Have a friend blindfold you, and then have them pick one of your books. They’ll read the first sentence, and you try to guess the book. If you don’t know it on the first sentence, have them read the second. If you still don’t know, have them read the third. At that point, if you still don’t know it, have them read you the very last sentence of the book.

Scoring: You get…

  • 3 points for guessing the book on the first sentence
  • 2 points for guessing it on the second sentence
  • 1 point for the third sentence
  • 1 point for the last sentence of the book

Try guessing ten or more books, and then switch and see who holds the highest score.

Watch this video by the game’s creator, KimberlyReads, if you want a good example of how to play.



4. “Check Out” a Local Library5865284029_bb4ebe8d4e

Libraries are wonderful, and they’re a great way to save money while still fueling your book-reading needs. Dust off your library card and check out something new, or visit a library you have never been to before. You can look online at worldcat.org to find a library near you.



5. Make a Goodreads Account
image via Goodreads

Don’t know what to read? Never fear, Goodreads is here! Goodreads is the ultimate website for book lovers. The site is perfect for book recommendations. You can write your thoughts about a book, or you can read others’ reviews. Do you love lists? There’s a listopia section with themed lists of books. You can vote, contribute to them, create your own, or just check out what others think. This website will make sure that you never again have nothing to read. You can save books to a “to be read” list on your profile so you don’t forget them, and there are quizzes, quotes, and book trivia. It is a book lover’s online paradise.



So, my Germs, have some bookish fun this day. Meet some new characters or visit some old ones. The important thing on Book Lovers Day is that you crack open a book, relax, and enjoy!

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