8 Mermaid Fashions to Wear This Sizzling Summer

Have you ever considered that The Little Mermaid had it wrong? And that life truly is better under the sea? Well, with these eight mermaid fashion trends, you can get as close to the lifestyle as possible. Kick up your fins and enjoy some of these styles that prove mermaid life is simply stunning.

Starfish & Nautical Hair Clips
Image via Etsy

With the sun beating down, days at the beach can grow a tad humid. What better way to tie back your hair than with beach-themed clips and barrettes? The PoppyCoast shop on Etsy has everything from mini sea star bobby pins to fasten in your braid to thick starfish hair clips — everything an aspiring mermaid needs to look her best.





Mermaid Tail Blanket
Image via Etsy

Are you more of a mermaid that enjoys curling up on the couch to catch up on your Netflix list? Then the mermaid tail blanket is perfect for you. This blanket, which comes in multiple colors, wraps around you like a sleeping bag and is often made from soft wool. The end flares out into a snazzy fish tail, and the owner of the JillyBeanTails Etsy shop said that these stylish mermaid tails were the item that inspired her to open her shop.



Mermaid Swimsuits
Image via Margarita Mermaid

If you plan on joining the mermaid community this summer, why not try on a mermaid swimsuit? With the online store Margarita Mermaid, you can shop for seashell tops, bottoms, and one pieces. They even have some cute cover-ups for when you finally get out of the water.







Mermaid Necklace
mermaid style
Image via Etsy

“I’m Really a Mermaid.” It really doesn’t get any simpler than that, does it? This beautiful necklace says it all with only four words. The Etsy shop ILoveCrafty has this necklace in either a sleek mermaid outline or a dainty shell pendant.


Mermaid Bangle
Image via alexandani.com

The mermaid is known as a sign of feminine power, love, and mystery. The Alex & Ani charm encourage you to bring out your inner enchantress. This bangle is adjustable for different wrist sizes and comes in silver or gold.



Mermaid Leggings
mermaid leggings
Image via Online Legging Store

You can sport your sassy scales everywhere you go with these fish-scaled leggings. The Online Legging Store has a variety of colors and sizes for any mermaid to expand her wardrobe.




Mermaid Tank Tops
Image via Etsy

A casual outfit for the beach often includes a tank top and some shorts. The best way to remind everyone of your mermaid status is by wearing it. The LittleAtoms Etsy shop has plenty of options with phrases such as “always be a mermaid” on their colorful tank tops.





Mermaid Tote Bags
mermaid tote
Image via Etsy

It is always important to have at least one tote bag to lug around with you as you travel in the summer months — bringing it to the beach, camping, or on a family vacation. With this custom mermaid tote bag from the WhiteAppleDesigns Etsy store, you can show off your mermaid pride and fashion sense.




It’s not always easy to incorporate your inner mermaid into your style, but whenever you do, people are sure to notice. What are some of your favorite mermaid-themed fashions?


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