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Schools often underestimate the power of fundraising. If only they realized how fruitful  the results can be, they would frequently conduct fundraisers within their schools. Fundraisers are helpful for schools to offer scholarships, to maintain academic excellence, and to conduct extracurricular activities. In addition, schools can build modern facilities, organize after-school clubs, and hold annual dinners with the raised money.

Fundraisers are also beneficial for students because they get to earn confidence and learn leadership skills. Students work with each other in collaboration to meet an overall goal, and this collaboration instills the sense of teamwork in them. Students work out creative and community-based ideas to hold successful fundraising. This makes the activity of fundraising a win-win for both schools and students.

Below we discuss some smart school fundraising ideas that can help generate money quickly for schools.

1. Treasure Hunt

Treasure hunts are enjoyed by people of all ages, but they are particularly thrilling for younger students. Think about a theme, preferably related to the curriculum, and arrange the hunt. Encourage students to participate by buying tickets on their own or in groups. Make sure that the winning team receives some kind of recognition or an award.

2. School Picnic

Perfect for warmer seasons, this fundraising idea helps build interaction in your school’s community. This idea will not only raise money but also encourage students to spend time outdoors and together. Planning a picnic means that you will have to determine a participation fee, choose a location (park or green area), design brochures and a social media announcement, ideally get food and drinks funded, and plan a lucky draw to generate more funds.

3. Trivia Competition

Along with fun activities, it is also important to hold learning events to ensure that all parties involved will benefit. This competition can engage existing students as well as alumni of your school. Think of interesting but challenging questions pertaining to school and its history or general knowledge. Fix a date for the competition and invite your guests using social media. You can raise money by setting an entrance fee for all participants and audience members. You can also provide people a platform to set up food and refreshment stalls and charge them per stall.

4. Sell School Merchandise

Every institute has a certain identity in terms of a motto, logo, and special colors. Students, especially, feel proud to be associated and identified with the schools they are enrolled in. Help your students, teachers, and alumni to embrace their spirit by selling school merchandise. The school can place its merchandise at a school book store, on an online school page, or at fundraising events. Merchandise that your school can sell include: accessories such as pens, pencils, notebooks, backpacks, and lunchboxes; t-shirts printed with the school’s logo; and novelty gifts like mugs, posters, and picture frames.

5. Painting Competition

Organize a painting day at your school, inviting all enrolled students and faculty to participate. However, instead of painting on canvases, challenge the students to paint on tea towels. You can bring in even more money by setting a certain criteria. Students of any age can paint on tea towels and sell them for fundraising for the school. The one who sells the most painted tea towels will win the competition. For more information on how to paint on tea towels, contact Mary’s Kitchen Towels.

6. Peer-to-Peer Fundraising

This is another smart idea for schools to raise money quickly. In a peer-to-peer fundraising campaign, community members are required to create fundraising pages on their behalf. The members will then connect with their online networks, spread the word, and seek donations for the school. This fundraising activity is not just a productive way to raise money for your school, but it is also an ideal way to expand the community of your school’s network and supporters. The more supporters your school has, the more funds will be raised. Since this campaign spreads online through community members, it has a potential to reach more and more eyes when they are shared on social media platforms and emailed to friends and family. This way, your donors do not even have to associate with your school to donate.

7. School Bake Sale

Bake sales in school premises are a mainstream idea. However, schools are now switching to online bake sales where more participants can take part. Additionally, there is more potential for fundraising. In person bake sales are only open to people associated with the school. An online bake sale will have buyers (in other words, donors) from cities all around.

School fundraising is an essential event that all institutes must hold. It not only supports a school but also helps students gain real-life experience and camaraderie. Every school or student body must include a fundraising plan while planning their academic year.


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