9 Interesting Fashion Hacks You Likely Haven’t Thought Of

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Life gets busy, and you might not have the time to buy expensive clothes or adjust the clothes you already have. However, that is the reason hacks exist; they allow you to make quick, temporary adjustments just in case something goes wrong with your outfit or you are pressed for time in creating a desired look.

Thanks to easy fixes, you can now concentrate on putting your best foot forward at all times, even as life keeps you busy. You may have heard of some of these hacks before, or this may be your first time learning about them. Read on to find out about our interesting fashion hacks.

1. Use paper clips to hide bra straps

There may be a dress in your closet that you absolutely adore, but you rarely wear it because it forces you to wear strapless bras. However, strapless bras themselves can be a problem because they tend to be uncomfortable and ill-fitting most of the time — making you feel as though you are lacking proper support.

Well, through the use of a paper clip, you can hide your bra straps and avoid a sudden trip to the lingerie store. Simply insert one strap into one end of the clip, then the other strap on the other side of it. This will turn the bra into a racer back in a matter of seconds.

2. Use lukewarm water to wash silk

Ideally, silk should never be washed using water since the water will damage the strands. However, if you don’t have the time or the means to take it to the dry cleaners — you can still hack it.

Fill your sink with lukewarm water, and then add some baby shampoo — a cupful will work best. Wash the fabric very gently and briefly. You should never soak silk in water or wash it with harsh soaps. In fact, you must never expose it to water for more than a few minutes.

3. Use baking soda in your shoes

Unfortunately, some people will struggle with shoe odor — that is, unless they wear open shoes such as lace platform sandals. If this is part of your pain, you can reduce it by using baking soda, and this will eliminate the issue for almost free.

Sprinkle some baking soda on a piece of cloth, wrap it, and then leave it in your shoes overnight. You can also sprinkle it directly in the shoe. However, note that baking soda can make suede and leather shoes brittle, so you must also be careful about that.

4. Prevent jewelry knots with plastic straws

Most likely, you have struggled with untangling necklaces either from themselves or from each other. The process of untangling is always irritating, especially when you need to rush somewhere. Through the use of this simple trick, though, life will get easier for you.

You simply need a plastic drinking straw. Unclasp the necklace chain, thread the chain through the straw, and re-clasp it. In case the straw length is too long, you can cut it to re-adjust.

5. Use ice to remove gum

There are few things more irritating than sitting down and unknowingly getting gum stuck on your clothes or getting a piece of gum stuck on the bottom of your shoe. You wonder how you can remove it, but the gum becomes more of a mess when you try to scrape it off.

Well, trying to scrape it off will actually worsen things. Simply use ice cubes. Gum responds very well to temperature changes, especially when it cools down, and it becomes much easier to flick off once it’s cooled and hard. After you cool it down, you can flick it off of your clothes using a knife.

6. Use baby wipes to wipe off makeup

Picture this: You are trying to get your makeup great in the morning before you head out for school or work, only to mess up by accidentally rubbing foundation or powder on your clothes. That alone is very frustrating.

Through the use of baby wipes, you can solve this issue in a jiffy. Just brush the wipe gently on the clothes immediately after it occurs, and it will come off.

7. Use ketchup to clean silver jewelry and use beer for gold jewelry

This might sound like a strange solution, especially the part about the ketchup. However, it always works for some reason. In the case of silver jewelry, squeeze a small amount of ketchup on a soft cloth or old toothbrush, rub on the jewelry, and then wipe off the ketchup after a few minutes.

If you have gold jewelry that is getting dirty, you can splash some beer on a piece of cloth and then rub it on your gold pieces to remove the stains. In particular, amber-colored beers will work best for cleaning your gold jewelry.

8. Use beeswax to waterproof shoes

If you’ve ever had to wear wet shoes, you understand how annoying and uncomfortable they can be. This hack will always save you in this case. You can take some dry shoes — especially if they are made of canvas — and rub some beeswax in them. To help the beeswax penetrate the shoe, use a hairdryer to heat it up.

There is a disclaimer that should be made, though. The beeswax will prevent the shoes from being breathable, so avoid wearing them when the weather gets hot.

9. Use nail polish on rings to prevent your finger from turning green

If your finger turns green after you wear a ring for some time, this is completely normal. This occurs because of the reaction the metal has with the substances on your skin, such as sweat and sebum. Although copper rings are most prone to this issue, it can happen with various metals.

To stop the discoloration of your skin, apply a very thin layer of clear nail polish on the inner surface of the ring. This will make a barrier so that the metal does not react.


We hope these hacks will make your life a little easier as they allow you to use your clothes in more useful ways while simultaneously saving you some money and time.


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