A Girl’s Guide to Life’s Dares


There’s always that one big adventure that we wish to find — the kind where we feel infinite. The kind that makes us feel like we can be anything and anyone we want to be. What we sometimes forget, though, is that we’re already living a big adventure. Life is full of dares that make it a challenge to live. Dares test how brave we are, but they also give us a chance to prove that we can do it; and, when we do, it’s the most wonderful feeling in the world. Thus, here are some dares of your own that will hopefully give you more reasons to live life the best way you can.


Each of us has a dream. We do everything we can to make it come true, and the fact that we work hard for our dreams and go through a lot to achieve them — that is a fulfilling adventure. Accepting the dares are sure to be very worth it.


When we create something from our imagination — let’s say a drawing of a magical tree or a story about a bookstore that comes to life at night — we experience the type of adventure that brings excitement and color to our life. The best thing about this adventure is that we designed it. How awesome is that?

Road Trip

With great company and the open road filled with possibilities, a road trip is the perfect experience for a thrilling adventure. To make the road trip memorable, put a twist into it. Don’t bring your usual companions with you. Pick other people to share the adventure with, like the cute guy next door you’ve been dying to talk to, the shy girl in class, your geeky science lab partner, and the historical-fiction-obsessed guy you always see at the library. When you and your companions are ready, choose a random city and then get in the car and drive. No road trip playlist? That’s okay! Songs on the radio will do. Consider the music leaking out of your car speakers as the adventure’s soundtrack.


Be open to new things. Try a new flavor of ice cream, read a book from a different genre, or watch a TV show that is not your type. The familiar is good, but oftentimes the unfamiliar turns out to be more enjoyable. It surprises us with unforgettable moments that make our lives happier and so much better. Trust me: Expanding your horizons is an adventure you’ll cherish for a lifetime.


This last dare is connected to the previous one because being open to new things will not only take you to places, but it’ll also help you learn more about yourself. When you break out of your comfort zone, you will discover abilities that you never thought you had. You will see how gifted you are — realizing that you are so much more than what you had perceived yourself to be. Still, finding yourself takes time. Never rush because how you find it is what matters most.


What do you think of the dares, Germs? Are you up for them?

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