If you think happy endings exist only in fairy tales, you are wrong. We non-fictitious people can have happy endings, too. and we don’t need magic to get them! Each one of us has real-life powers that need to be utilized, so they can lead us to the happy ending we so desire.


Take a leap of faith.

Every happy ending starts with a step, and you will not get there if you only stand still. It might be frightening at the beginning, but that just means your goal is big and very important to you. If you really want it, then go for it!


Exude optimism.

Start your day with a smile. Wearing a positive attitude all the time makes you shine, and people are much more likely to hang out and be friends with you when you’re pleasant. Who knows, the guy you’re crushing on may finally notice you! Lastly, with an optimistic outlook, you’ll accomplish your goals with a huge amount of success. In fact, you won’t feel like you’re working at all because you’re having fun!


Work hard.

Make your dreams happen! Dreams need fuel to be realized, and that fuel is you. Yes, YOU! You are the power source of your dreams. Give your best, and do work with all your heart! Remember, anything worth achieving is earned through perseverance.


Believe in yourself.

You can do it! Keep it in mind that there’s nothing you cannot do when you believe that you can. If people say bad things about you, ignore them! Don’t let anyone pull you down. Close your mind to negative thoughts and just focus on yourself and how you can achieve your goal.


Think happy thoughts.

Happy thoughts are your daily instant mood boosters. When you’re in a good mood, the world feels good with you. Recall happy childhood memories, replay those sweet moments with your crush, or daydream about the future. Infuse your mind with blissful notions. Do this everyday, and you’ll be bright and lovely in no time! Furthermore, happy thoughts attract good vibes. Do you know what happens next? Good vibes attract happy endings!


Choose happiness.

Always choose what makes you happy. If you love something or someone and your heart glows like sunshine on a warm summer day with every thought, it means that you have found real happiness. The best thing about it is that you chose that happiness to be in your life!


Spread happiness.

Smile at strangers. Tell your sister a funny story. Compliment your brother’s new shirt. Say “hi” to the new kid in your neighborhood. Bake cookies for your grandparents. The kind of happiness that lasts forever is the one that you share with others! When you make someone happy, his/her happiness radiates and affects another person and so on. It’s a cycle that never ends. Be a prime mover of happiness, and you are sure to make a difference.


So give it a whirl, Germs, and here’s to achieving your happy endings!

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