A Lesson in Love

When you’re young, you watch movies and read books that teach you about this thing called “a spark”: a kind of magic that occurs between two people, a magic that we all have the ability to experience at some time in our lives. What is this “spark” we speak of? Well, some may describe it as love.

And here’s what I know about it so far:

As you grow, you experience things that you imagine to be love. You endure the breakups and makeups, and each time you fall, you pick yourself up, you try to move on, and you swear to yourself that you’ll never feel that heartbreak again. You think to yourself, “Was that love? Surely not, that can’t be love…Something with such power that can just turn your world upside down at any moment. Something so… poisonous.”

Well sadly, it is. That’s love; it’s toxic, it’s heavy, and sometimes it leaves us with scars. Love, and loving someone, is filled with ups and downs. It makes us fragile. But most importantly, it never lets us forget it.

The good news is that, at the same time as it can be terrifying, it can be equally as thrilling — and that’s what keeps us hooked.

Loving someone is an enlightening experience; it teaches us so much about life in general and about the person we are. And if you share this experience with the right person, then, eventually, the good will always outweigh the bad, and any moment of fear, regret, or doubt all becomes worth it. (At least I think so, anyway.)

It has been said that love is blind, and it has been said that love is all-seeing. But who are we to define love? It is quite possibly the most unique and individual experience that we’ll ever endure. It has no solidifying features, no rules or boundaries. It simply just consumes you in its own infectious way. With so many differing sides to its dimensions, love should be nurtured.

I guess what I’m saying here is that love doesn’t always have the fairytale ending. It isn’t always easy, and it may not always feel worth it.

But, if you find someone who fits you — who turns the idea of love from an intimidating, dark emotion to an empowering and addictive way of being — don’t let them go. Never let them go. Keep this person close. Make them your best friend. Treasure them, for that is a truly special ability. It is what we all seek throughout the entirety of our lives. It is an incredible treasure to be found. Love is to be kept safe.

This is what I’ve learned.


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