Dear future lover,

You seem really patient, and I’m so thankful you are. That’s not the only thing I’ve seen and fallen in love with, but when it comes to loving me, it seems like one needs a lot of that. You should know that there’ll be days when my anxiety will get the better of me and I will be miserable, but please know that I haven’t forgotten that you love me, I promise. There are going to be days when I cry for small things, and then there will be days I hug you every now and then, thanking you for being there. Do know that I always am. There will be panic attacks, and I’ll not be able to do anything about it, and I know you can’t either. But, I hope you won’t leave me hanging, like it’s always been. I hope you can hold my hand and be there through it all, just like I will be there if you ever need me. I promise I will. I promise to listen to all your favourite songs and watch all your favourite movies. I hope that the fact that I say sorry quite too often doesn’t annoy you. I also hope you like forehead kisses because, boy, do I love them! We can just spend nights driving around listening to our favourite songs. I will walk with you to your favourite breakfast place. We can play basketball, and I sincerely hope my inner Monica doesn’t freak you out. We’ll sip wine together under the blanket of stars, looking at them in awe, patting ourselves for getting through the day. I will love you with all my heart. I will always savour your presence.

And if you ever feel the world is spinning too fast and you need to be held, I’ll hold you tight, and we’ll close our eyes until the dizzy spells go away.

Yours lovingly,

Your future lover




Malavika Doshi is an 18-year-old design student from India who loves writing. A firm believer in practicing kindness and petting dogs, she hopes to help radiate happy thoughts and make the world a better place, one writing at a time.

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