This story is one of the August Writing Challenge entries chosen to be a featured story.

we sit on a bench and look out over the town.

the streetlights. the lonely car creeping down a back street.


‘you know i’m sorry, i didn’t mean to…’ mark says

i cut him off        ‘but you did, that’s the problem’

‘but you’re my best friend’         

                           ‘and you were mine’


a tear streams down my face. i bury my head into my knees


‘why does it always end up like this?’      he asks

i look at him       ‘because we’re damaged’

‘but we’re working on it’

                           ‘it’s not helping anything, we’ll always end up back here ’

‘you can’t  just give up’

                           ‘but i can’t keep going’

                           ‘mark, I don’t need you anymore’


and with that, just a little bit of warning,

a moment’s notice,

he understood, he was gone.



Macy Fuller

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