I sit in the corner of the bar
My toes twist, my throats tightens
I shouldn’t be here, I don’t belong.
People laughing, drinking, smiling
And I watch, sip my drink, and sit still without a sound or twitch of the mouth.
I scan the surrounding area for an escape route, but a crowd of patrons consume the corridor.
I do this every night.
I stay until everyone is gone
I stay until I am asked to leave
I stay because I have nowhere to go
I had picked my poison years ago
The burning sensation, the potent smell and taste that lingers on my teeth
I chose a poison that would make me suffer
Long and hard.
A fate a miserable person like me yearned for
No quick release, just the slow yet constant descent into my grave
Awaiting for me at the end of a path paved with empty bottles.
A path paved to suit me,
A person no one wants to know
A person no one wants to see
A person just like me.


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