I want to go home
Somewhere that’s mine to share and I want to stand in an empty room
Imagine the time I’ll have there
All the space I’ll fill
Will it fill me up as other places have?
I see them in all the flashing frames of captured days flickering between the dark
Flaming nights and fading sparks
They remind of how that light looked through these same eyes
But my lids have been caught with cob webs, dusted in dusks and dawns gone by
I don’t want to say goodbye anymore
Or be told that I’m getting a little old to jump in a hole before I’m sure there’s a net
Keep my faith that down there I’ll have free time to be spent not worrying about my stacking debt
Soon pent up and spent on apologies that don’t mean anything yet
There’s one thing I know
I’ll dive in again and again without ever worrying about hitting the bottom
Because part of me hopes that I do
Part of me wants to hit hard.



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