by Josh Flores

Memories were a riptide. Innocent enough on the surface, but let your guard down, and next thing you know, you’re drowning in four feet of water.

– Kara Thomas, Out of the Ashes

Kara Thomas Ventures Into Adult Territory

Kara Thomas, known for her YA thrillers, now explores a new, thrilling story about family secrets and murder in her latest release for adult audiences, Out of the Ashes. Just as exciting, and disturbing, as her previous titles, Thomas explores the complexities of being human, the strength of past traumas, and the darkness that harbors within each of us. Out of the Ashes is a horrifying, beautifully written novel similar to Gillian Flynn’s Dark Places.

Mystery, Murder, and Small-Town Traumas

Out of the Ashes tells the story of Samantha Newsom, defined by a horrific murder that has troubled her since her youth. Forced to confront her demons and the death of her family on a small farm in Carney, New York, Samatha returns to her roots, facing familiar faces, new advances in the investigation of her family’s murder, and troubling revelations about her childhood. Introducing a chilling, secretive small town, Thomas haunts readers with an unforgettable mystery, one filled with constant twists and turns readers won’t see coming until it’s too late.

Exceptional Storytelling & Believable Characters

Out of the Ashes is compulsively readable. Similar to her other YA novels, Thomas writes compelling, believable, and ultimately unforgettable stories about dangerous, relatable women that are impossible not to sympathize with. I thoroughly enjoyed her previous novels (especially The Cheerleaders) and have found her adult fiction to be just as good, if not better, than her YA novels. Thrillers are always a hit or miss, often relying on old, tired troupes to sell copies, and Kara brings fresh, character-driven narratives to readers, relying on her deep understanding of the human condition, rather than cheap gimmicks to sell copies.

A Thrilling Summer Read

While many readers have flocked to get their hands on the latest Colleen Hoover romance, Kara Thomas reminds readers of the fun, adrenaline-fueled fun that comes with a good, well-crafted mystery. Samantha’s story is unforgettable, disturbing, and completely unputdownable. Fans of best-sellers like Girl on the Train and Sharp Objects will find themselves enthralled with this slow-burn story of family, deception, and murder.

Kara Thomas, A Masterful Thriller Writer

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