Adriane by Aiyana

Of all the boys
I’ve thought I’ve loved,
you’re not particularly the one
I imagined would make me cry.

And I’ve found out
that you’re the only one
who has ever had me in tears
just by looking at you.

Not out of sadness,
but because I’m proud
of who you’re growing into,
and of who you’ve always been.

I’m happy, sincerely happy,
that you’re happy
with and in everything
that you do.

I’m proud of you,
for standing your ground,
and firmly believing in
what you think and feel is right.

I’m happy for you,
for getting to make your dreams,
no matter how simple they may seem,
finally come true.

And I strongly believe,
that someday, one day,
everything you’re working hard for,
will bring you more happiness.

And I hope that when that day comes,
I’d still be there to tell you how proud I am
and how I knew you could do it.
And that I love you, that I always do.




Aiyana is currently living in the Philippines. She’s almost a lady but still doesn’t know what to do with her life. The only thing clear to her is her passion to read and write, so she decided to pursue her dream of being with literature and grammar. So now, Aiyana is halfway to being an English teacher in high school. She is also, like every other person, on a roller coaster ride of bliss and depression. But, she’s getting through it by writing and reading and getting totally lost in her own thoughts.

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