i tried desperately
to take the broken pieces you handed
me and glue you back together, but
saving you was never my job anyways.

you put up one hell of a fight and though
you did not win, you fought harder than
any prince who has shown up in my dreams.

you are haunting me, theodore finch, for i
close my eyes on the top of that tower and
suddenly you and i are on top of it. together.
screaming at the top of our lungs like mad

you were alive, and i was alive with you
and we were alive together.

you always said i was remarkable,
but honey that’s you. you are
lovelier than any beauty i’ve ever

thank you. never stop wandering.

– vm



Menal Siddiqui believes poetry is what heals the soul. It has taught her to express herself through words instead of tears, and that is why it is her passion. Poetry is the gateway to living, and she intends to spend her life living like there is no tomorrow.

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