Amazon Smile: Your Guide to All-In-One Christmas Shopping and Charity Giving

As many of us know, Christmas is a time of giving. It’s a time of charity and caring for your fellow man. The idea of giving, in this sense, can refer to both the giving of gifts to loved ones — as is customary — or it can refer to charitable giving to those less fortunate.

I humbly present you with an option to do both in one fell swoop: Amazon Smile.

amazon-smileIf you’re like me, then the Internet can be your best friend for those eclectic gifts that you can’t seem to find in stores. Online shopping is overwhelmingly popular these days because you have thousands of products for purchase right at your finger tips, and you don’t even have to put on pants and leave the house. If we’re being honest here, not having to put on pants is almost like online shopping’s gift to us. Merry Christmas indeed.

Pantslessness aside, online shopping on (one of the largest online shopping providers) can now be both easy and charitable!

Amazon Smile is a site operated by Amazon that allows you to sign in and shop exactly like you would on Amazon. The fun part is that when you go to check out, Amazon Smile donates .5% of the proceeds to the charity of your choice (holla at Charity: Water). Now, obviously, don’t go buck-wild and spend thousands of dollars in the name of “charity,” and don’t let this replace whatever donations to charity you usually make. However, if you’re going to inevitably buy that obscure Doctor Who mug online, you may as well do it from a site that will give a little bit back to making the world a better place.

So, what do you think, Germs? What sorts of charities would you like to donate through Amazon Smile this Christmas?

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