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Trump’s presidency, murderous clowns, and an evil cult all make up what is the seventh season of one of the most controversial and disturbing shows to be seen on television screens: American Horror Story. As loyal fans of the series know too well, each season follows the increasingly dark and terrifying stories of individuals overcoming the evil that surrounds them. This time, a town is haunted by an ice cream truck full of killer clowns and the havoc that they ensue. The first episode of the new season aired on September 5th and promises fans a relevant, gory, and terrifying new season.

American Horror Story: Cult  begins with Ally Richards, a woman who is so traumatized by Donald Trump’s presidency that she begins to lose her mind, seeing a group of murderous clowns wherever she goes. And things really begin to become intense when her fears affect her family life, with her having panic attacks from the mere sight of her son’s comic book that details the story of a killer clown. But then Ally’s son starts to see the clowns as well, challenging everything Ally and her wife, Ivy, know to be true. With their neighbors becoming more suspicious by the second and their neighborhood becoming a murder zone, Ally and Ivy must face their greatest fears and come to terms with the darkness and corruption that lurks on the streets of their quaint town.

The latest season of the series is more frightening and disturbing than any of the previous seasons. From the realistic elements involving anxiety and mental disorders to the fictional yet horrifying scenes involving clowns, American Horror Story is sure to keep viewers up at night, making sure their doors are locked before they fall asleep.

Personally, I both enjoyed and hated the beginning of this season. It is completely overwhelming and extremely gruesome, and the edginess is becoming almost too much. At the same time, though, it is impossible not to get caught up in the chaos and thrilling nature of the season.

While the overall story of the season is interesting, I found the political element of it to be over the top and a bit ridiculous. Creators claimed the season wasn’t about politics, but it is in fact very political, promoting stereotypes of both democrats and republicans and presenting the events of the election in a comical and almost disrespectful fashion. I feel as if producers used this ploy to merely create more drama for the season rather than relying on quality writing or plot. But, despite these setbacks, the performances from the actors and the overall intensity of the show make it something that mature viewers are sure to become addicted to.

The clowns are coming, and you might be next. American Horror Story: Cult plays on the classic fear of clowns, but this time they break into your home and use your own fears against you. With a town on the verge of chaos and outbreaks of crime like never before, Ally and Ivy must decide to face their fears or let their fears break them entirely. Catch American Horror Story: Cult every Tuesday night and experience the fear for yourself — if you don’t mind a sleepless night or two.  

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