Art, fair folk, fantastical creatures, abrupt princes, and wild adventures in the woods all make up An Enchantment of Ravens by Margaret Rogerson. This fantasy adventure not only proves to be an entertaining, intense, and engaging read, but it also provides a strong female protagonist, an epic adventure, and a romance that teens are sure to find intriguing. With an enraged prince and possible imprisonment, Isobel must fight for her freedom, defend the prince, and defend the only life she has ever known.

Isobel is a painter, a master at putting the likeness of the fair folk on a canvas. Her simple life of painting becomes increasingly difficult and complicated when she is tasked with doing a painting for Rook, a prince. When her depiction of him is revealed to be threatening to his position, Rook takes Isobel, and the two journey for her to be possibly punished for her work. But their journey is not as easy as they once thought, with enemies lurking in the shadows and horrifying creatures searching for their next victim. Told with incredible intensity, a complex and enjoyable romance, and a smart and bold female protagonist, Rogerson invites readers to a world of magic, adventure, danger, and wonder.

An Enchantment of Ravens was a true pleasure to read. Rogerson writes so fluidly, and her characters are instantly memorable. As a reader who usually sticks to realistic fiction, I found myself completely absorbed in Rook and Isobel’s romance, as well as their dangerous journey. The writing was extremely sophisticated as well, only adding to the magical and thrilling nature of the story. For fans of A Court of Thorns and Roses, An Enchantment of Ravens is sure to impress.

The passion that supports Isobel might lead to her doom. Margaret Rogerson brings to life a complex and completely original world where the unexpected occurs and heroes and villains can be found in the most unlikely places. Isobel is at the mercy of Rook, but will she be able to befriend the hot-headed prince and save herself and her work?

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