“‘Apathy’ is one of our staple live songs, our ‘punk’ hit, and one of the most fun songs to play in our set. It’s also one of our oldest songs; it was the first song we figured out as a band for the album Help, I Need an Adult!, and it was part of our live repertoire as far back as 2011, when we were still a 3-piece. Lyrically, it was written partly as a reaction to the Occupy Oakland protests that were going on at the time as well as directly to/about a close friend I (Mari) had a really intense falling-out with while writing it. Musically, it was inspired very heavily by the band Choking Victim.”


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Sarchasm is an alternative/punk band from the San Francisco Bay Area, formed in 2010, that draws influence from many different areas: the fast-paced angst-core music of the Berkeley punk scene; the pop simplicity of The Beatles; and the youthful spirit of teenagers. Comprised of self-deprecating English major Mari Campos (lead vocals, guitar), her razor-tongued little sister Sofi Seligman (drums, vocals), the vastly intelligent anime fan/lowkey metalhead Isabel Capili (guitar, vocals), and folk historian extraordinaire Alexander Botkin; Sarchasm has spent the past few years spreading their pop-tinged indie punk tunes about friendship and radical politics all over the West Coast.  Currently, Sarchasm is in the process of booking tours, applying to/attending college(s), writing record #3, and waiting (in vain) for System of a Down to announce a new album.

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