Art Collages by Dani Steinberg

The media used in these collages came from old magazines that I had finished reading and didn’t know what to do with. I usually find inspiration to make collages when I am looking at a photo or painting that’s really amazing. Sometimes I’ll see something and just be like, “That would look so cool if it was turned this way or if there was a cut here.” I like how one thing can take on so many different forms by adding or subtracting different elements.


dani steinberg
“Thought Bubbles” is about thinking positive and enjoying all the amazing parts of our world.




“Dream Chaser” is about not giving up and living life to the fullest.


“Similarities” is about how the one thing everyone has in common is that we’re all different and unique.





Dani SteinbergDani Steinberg is a 13-year-old from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. She spends her free time reading, drawing, singing, and playing table tennis. She hopes to work as an artist or in the film industry in a job that makes her happy. Her art can be found on Instagram: @soulfart


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