Q: Dear Lara – I’m finishing up my freshman year in college, and this past year I discovered something…I love drama. By drama, I mean the dramatic arts. I have focused a lot of time on preparing and participating for all of the performances my school has put on, but that has taken away from a lot. All my friends from high school have been going to big parties, football games, and school activities, which I’ve never been too interested in. I love what I do, but I’m getting a lot of heat from my friends who think it’s weird that I’m focusing on this so much. What do I do?


A: You know what a lot of focus results in? No mistakes, so good for you. When I first got to college, everyone would tell me to experience as much as I could and have fun, but in the end, that resulted in making a lot of stupid mistakes and having a handful of regrets. I ignored a lot of things I really wanted to do in exchange for things people told me that I should do. College is a time to be doing things that you love and studying something that really makes you happy. If you feel like partying is a waste of your time, then it probably is. Don’t be a complete introvert, but do your work and do it well while still keeping your friendships close.  If drama is something you’re into, then cultivate that interest because it makes you happy.  This is your time in college, so don’t let someone else tell you what to do during it.

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