Last night,
We looked up
At something more beautiful
Than either of us had ever imagined

I love the way the city lights up
Highlighting every curve
Washing buildings in yellow light
Casting dark, opaque shadows
Where anything can happen

I love the neon lights out over the lake
The shimmering reflections
Hinting at an underwater world
We might go through together

I love the way headlights cut through the darkness
In the park where all the stars can play
I love the whir of cicadas
And the way you laid next to me

I love that you pointed upward
Tracing the stars with one hand
Tracing my body with the other
“See, this is my favorite one”

Last night,
We wrote a story
In the footprints we made on the car roof
In the fingerprints on my skin
In the echoes of your voice
That lulled me to sleep

Last night,
We fell upward into stars
While the highlighted city looked on
As if it believed in us
As if we had a chance.


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