bandaid2Imagine you are dying, weak, and delirious. The only thing that you are clinging to is the hope that someone you love will come and comfort you and wipe your tears away.

But no one comes. Ever.

What kind of horror story am I writing? This is an average day for someone who is fighting Ebola. They cannot be touched, so mothers cannot hold their children, and loved ones can’t hold hands.

We’ve all heard about Ebola and about the fact that it’s out of control. It seems the whole world is waiting for a miracle, for a cure, for someone to do something. But while we’re all sitting around waiting, we are just watching hundreds and thousands of people die.

BUT WE CAN HELP THEM! And here is one of the ways to do it: 30 years ago the biggest names in music recorded a song that raised millions to fight famine in Africa. Now, Ebola is the big world crisis, and a new generation of famous voices have recorded a song to raise funds to fight it.


The song is now released, so go and buy it on iTunes or Google Play, or just go and donate because people out there need our help. We need to reach out. We need to stop the virus and give them Christmas.

Please be advised that the video contains graphic images of illness.

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