Dear 18-year-old me,

Hola, amiga, how ya’ doing? I believe you survived high school. Congrats. However, today I lay on my bed perplexed. For whenever I think about my future, my heart almost skips a beat, I get goose-bumpy, and my feet get cold and numb. As for years to come from now, I’ll be reflecting upon the choices I’ve made, and I’ll either sigh with relief or regret.

Life is like a labyrinth, and no one comes alive out of it. I have no idea what awaits me in my future. Life is so uncertain; this quandary gives me anxiety and chills down my spine. Deep down somewhere, I have a part of me that craves for every little thing in this universe to be perfect. Thousands of times, there have been moments when I’m unable to sleep. My mind is pretty much occupied with questions and thoughts whose answers still today I’m unable to unravel. I always keep wondering if perfect is just a word or if something can ever be perfect in this materialistic world of ours, where you and I ought to shield ourselves from the cruelty of the world. Or is it only in fairy tales and bliss? Everything doesn’t always happen in your favour, and if it does, you’re lucky and I envy you. It’s all karma. Sometimes, you ought to accept that change is the only constant and deal with it.

Be nice to everyone, not only because it feels good to not be an asshole but because each one of us is dealing with something. Dealing with bullsh*t is part of the human experience, and sometimes all it takes is a small action to lighten someone’s burden or to brighten someone’s world.

Never ever be afraid to express yourself. Cry when you feel like it. Stay the same goofy, impatient, and gorgeous person that you are. Keep smiling. Always remember to love yourself unconditionally no matter what. Accept yourself the way you are cause you’re beautiful, phenomenal, amazing, perfect, and worth it. Embrace the glorious mess that you are.

With Love,

Your 15-year-old self


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