Photo courtesy of Rebecca

They didn’t call you beautiful,
They thought you already knew.
They envied the confidence you exuberated,
Yet you had none.
And when you were at your lowest
No one noticed
Because you painted a smile on your face brighter than the stars in heaven.
And you knew you weren’t ugly;
And you knew you weren’t fat;
And you thought you had the potential to be beautiful,
Only nobody noticed your effort.
And so you were ugly;
And you were fat;
And you were never beautiful
To yourself.
And you’d lash out on yourself saying, “I’m so ugly.”
“I look fat.” And they’d look at you,
And they’d say you’re not.
But nobody wanted a picture with you on random days
Just because.
Nobody went out of their way to include you.
You felt like you were forcing yourself into their lives.
You felt like a hindrance.
And in the end,
It was them handing you the rope
That you strung yourself up on,
As if you were trying to string together the pieces of yourself
They lost.
And they attended your memorial
Weeping for the girl they lost
When they’re the ones that never noticed
You were lost from the beginning.






Summer Rose King is a 17-year-old high school senior who prefers adding her middle name to everything. She loves the rain. She uses the 24 hour clock. Jesus is Life. She loves coffee (there is a strange passion within her for coffee), owls, books (all the books), acting, public speaking, music (all the music; however, she is partial to most rap), Tumblr. “I am not much, but I am here. Here is good for now. That’s all that matters.”

Rebecca is 20 years old and lives in a little village in Germany. She started taking photos six years ago when her dad got a camera for his birthday. It was fascinating for her to see what different things he was able to capture — emotions, plants, animals — and she wanted to try it herself. The best part of photography for her is that she can express her feelings and tell stories through it, and she hopes that people feel something when they look at them. See more of her work on Flickr.


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