You say you do not like the idea of bodies.
Afraid of being nothing more
than your weathered hands or shaky knees,
I question whoever gave you the idea that
this was possible.
That you could be minimized to your
eyes or your nose,
your weight or your clothes,
can I start a revolution?
A recoloration,
express my frustration at this.
At your misguided notion that you should
put your devotion
into fixing what was never wrong in the first place.
You question, if mirrors are afraid of their reflection.
I question, what they think when they are faced with you.
For despite your insistence that you are nothing of relevance,
I look at your photograph and see mountains of evidence,
that you are more than what the world wants you to be.
I know a fighter when I see one,
it looks like girls who keep their dinner down,
keep their faith around —
I understand why you are discontent with bodies.
For you live in a world that makes sure you are
seen as nothing else,
But I promise:
you are more than your body.
You are a wishing well of rhymes and rhythm,
A shell for music and wisdom,
you told me,
you just wanted to be held.
And if I could hold a galaxy I would.
I would wrap my arms around your nebulas,
whisper hope into every constellation,
so when I finally let go,
there would be no doubt in your mind,
that you are loved.




Kathryn MalnightKathryn Malnight is 16 and is from Massachusetts. She loves reading, writing, film, and volunteering with special needs individuals. She hopes to become a special ed teacher, with writing “on the side.” She has been involved in slam for the past two years and hopes to continue with that throughout high school and college.

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