Building Your 2017

Time: the one thing you can’t buy or slow down or exchange; only use and manage and give. Let’s use the time we are given sensibly. Use the time going in to 2017 to glance back at 2016’s happenings. Instead of just thinking, “2017 will be my year,” take these next few days to pull up a well-devised plan.

Take a moment to step into an architect’s shoes. When building a house, you are obligated to start with a design that serves a purpose (protecting people, storing goods, displaying luxury, etc.). You don’t have to know much about construction to see that planning is the key to any firm structure. Write it down, say it aloud, produce a song; in whichever way you remember it best, lay out the plan for yourself, discover its purpose – your purpose – and gather the goods to start building.

Of course, laying a foundation is inevitable, and some seem to start a new year by laying brick after brick. Truth is, you must have patience and ensure a rock solid foundation before you even lay eyes on bricks. Some may have already started while others are waiting for the new year to begin, but why take a sledgehammer to demolish all you’ve built in 2016 when you can add to it or even apply some improvements? If you haven’t started, take the first few weeks AND these last few days to generate the foundation; without it your house will crumble.

Don’t forget that there will be multiple obstacles to face (a new year’s definition is not blue jays and sunshine), but don’t lose faith. Even builders have to face setbacks. The secret to hurdling over these obstacles is not moving around them or driving a wrecking ball through them but rather finding a way to utilize them for the potential that lies deep within them. When builders encounter a rainy day with an incomplete roof, they don’t kick a few bricks around – stubbing their toes – waiting for it to pass. They take the time to test the strength of the foundation, walls, and framework. An obstacle can be a blessing in disguise that we must keep an eye out for before we fail to acknowledge it.

So, instead of building a house halfway into 2017 and taking it apart toward the end of the year brick by brick, finish your masterpiece and get some better finishes in 2018. It’s not just a year; it’s the chance to create a dwelling in which you are protected for life. It’s a milestone testing your ability to deal with the obstacles. It’s a test of character and strength. It can be your way of transforming a house into a home by laying down the bricks of honesty, faith, hope, integrity, positivity, endurance, and determination closest to your foundation of family. That way, if a freak storm should sweep away a few layers of your house, your core values still stand firm.

Instead of making 2017 your year, make it your home.

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