A three-day trip to Byron Bay (the most easterly point of Australia mainland) ends faster than you realise, but neither do you realise how many impressions you get before you come home, sit down for a moment, and go over all the pictures in a flashback.

Glancing over the blue, endless looking ocean that presents itself in the clearest shade of blue has a scent of freedom that makes you feel as if you could do everything in the world that you want to do. It makes you feel as if you would hover above the ground. The streets are filled with all the nationalities that you can think of: France, Germany, Chile, Mexico, America, and many more. The true power, however, reveals itself at nighttime.

Dancing underneath the night sky to the sound of a trombone player is proof enough that it doesn’t matter what religion you have, where you are coming from, or what you are planning to do next. All those individuals rocking to the one tune assembled peace, freedom, and the will to make a change into one picture. The weightless frame of this painting-like feeling was the noise of soft breaking waves on the sand and the wind whistling through your hair, as if it knew exactly what you are thinking. There was no need for language because all we needed to communicate was our smile, showing that a flag doesn’t assume who you are.

What I understood right there was that travelling doesn’t bring you further away from your home, but it brings you back to where you came from: being a special human being on this world. And you can do everything you want to do if you accept that you don’t have to be anything more.



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