Call Me By Your Name: The Novel Behind One of the Year’s Most Talked About Films

“We had the stars, you and I. And that is only given once.” —André Aciman

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The last thing Elio expects during his summer in Italy is to fall in love, especially with one of his father’s many students that visit each year. The inspiration for one of 2017’s most beautiful and impactful love stories, Call Me By Your Name, shares the simultaneous pain and beauty that fleeting love has to offer. Author André Aciman develops a non-traditional romance that defies age, time, and stereotypes — one that is sure to resonate and bring readers of all ages to tears as Elio experiences love for the first time and begins to find himself during the process.

Call Me By Your Name explores the intersecting lives of Elio and Oliver, two men struck with surprising and unrelenting passion during a single summer, one that changes both of them for better and for worse. Elio has never experienced real love or desire, and Oliver, an older man, awakens something inside of him that is both frightening and exhilarating. Through their budding romance and short affair, Elio not only learns what it truly means to be loved but also what it means to be true to yourself. With a tragic and emotional narrative about young and lost love, Aciman begs readers to cheer and cry with Elio as he strives to follow his heart and hold on to the only love he has ever known.

Call Me By Your Name is a novel that sticks with you and makes you unable to stop thinking (and crying) about it even after the last page is turned. Aciman has delivered a moving and emotional story that explores topics such as lust, desire, and love in such a poetic and beautifully simple way that is absolutely stunning. Each and every word is perfectly placed, and his characters and their flaws are ones that cannot be forgotten.

Elio and Oliver have something that most people search their entire lives for: carefree, spontaneous love. But all relationships are messy and complicated, as they both soon discover. With societal pressures and their own insecurities, the two must struggle to find happiness in any way they can, even if that may lead to the end of their summer fling. Call Me By Your Name never ceases to impress and provides a story that I will never forget or be able to get out of my mind. It is that good.

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