Change Is a Good Thing


It’s the end of the world.
He and I are completely done.
What did I even do wrong?

The day was going so perfectly.
We weren’t even fighting.
What changed?

We planned our future together.
Once I was out of high school,
everything was going to be perfect.

I was going to go to college.
He was going to be working.
We were going to have our own house together.

He told me that this was never going to happen.
That future together was over.
That he didn’t want me in his life anymore.

My friends say I’m overreacting.
How am I overreacting?
We spent 4 years together.

He was my whole world.
Everything I did focused around him.
He always came first.

He met my mom,

We spent every waking minute together.
From watching movies all day,
to hanging with his friends going 4 wheeling.

But now,
things are different.
Nothing will ever be the same.

But that is okay.
I can free myself from the lies.
It’s finally time to be me again.




Mandy-4235Mandy Swanstrom is a Senior at Charles City High School. Her future plans are to attend LaJames College in Mason City, Iowa for cosmetology school.

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