You will meet someone who will give a new definition to your name — like it suddenly means the whole universe and has room for every kind of flower there is, and he says it like it was always meant to sound like that. And things that always have annoyed you in people suddenly turn into the most hypnotising habits when it comes from him, and it’s all exactly as it’s supposed to be. He will make you forget about all the things you used to strive for, wonder, and regret, and he will build a new world up in your head, where no one else lives. He’ll hold your hand, and every glance feels like a thousand words, and you will not worry.
You will dig up all those old poems and books about love and hope that you never understood, but now you do, and it’s all so wonderful! You will be kissed in every possible way, and you will love and be loved, and there will be a small tiny voice in your head whispering that nothing lasts forever, but you will not listen. You will shut it out and go on loving because what else is there to do.
But then the days pass by and summer leaves for winter, and as the mornings stay darker longer and longer, you will sense an unbalance. A shift in the atmosphere, and his hands a little colder, his voice a little stronger.
The winter will come, and you will wake up one day and tell yourself that you are not in love, anymore. You will slow it down, scale it, fight with every fibre of your being to not be the one left alone. To not be the one who stays when it’s time to leave, and you are determined to not love him, anymore.
But the heart was never good with orders, and you can’t stop something you never meant to start in the first place
because it’s all in the way forces make the heart want what it wants, no matter how old the sayings are — they have survived for a reason.


I will leave the catastrophe blank for you to fill and instead tell you that it will get better
in a while
and you will be well again, though you can’t see it now
and you will travel again and eat again and your muscles will grow stronger, again.
You will run and laugh and sing and one day you will meet someone who makes your heart beat with no pattern again,
and you might try to hide or protect yourself, or compare the different states of love,
but you must not grow up, must not act wise
when it comes to love.
You must stay foolish and fall
for every heart will beat in different ways together with yours and love is not meant to be compared, only enjoyed, and suffered, and remembered.


So you will meet many ’someones’ who will give a new definition to your name.
And you can not build walls, must not close the door, and please don’t hide,
because if you ask me about hurt
and love
I will say love. Love because the hurt will come and go no matter what, but only love makes it worthwhile. Only love can cure it.
Don’t be scared. Go. Love.




Charlote Eriksson- the glass childCharlotte Eriksson, The Glass Child, is a writer and songwriter from Sweden, currently living wherever the wind takes her. She is the author of Empty Roads & Broken Bottles; in search for The Great Perhaps, telling the story about how she left everything she had and knew to dedicate her life to her music. She has produced and released 5 records, and her new album I Must Be Gone and Live, or Stay and Die is out worldwide October 21. Find out more about her life and music on her website, or visit her online via FacebookTwitterTumblr, or YouTube.

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