Our arms
Full of gentle pinks, whites, and purples.

Our feet
stretching far,
Far beneath the soil in which others stand.

We stand,
Among the developing bulbs and whimpering worms.

Our bodies
Toasting in the beaming sun,
Yet sheltered by the sweet colours of our fingertips.

We quiver in the storm,
And idle in the calm.

Our feet
Tangled longingly,
Matching our arms.

We twist and bend,
In the curves and nooks of one another,
Our darkest places.

We are a shelter,
We are safety.

We are protectors,
For those who lay
Beneath our outstretched arms.

We are home,
To those who chirp
From the highest inch.

You are home,
For I am interlaced
With no compulsion to embark.




Amelia Powell is a 16-year-old Performing Arts student from England. Her favourite hobbies are reading and singing, and 5 Seconds Of Summer is her favourite band. She loves musicals, Disney, and Elvis. All the Bright Places is her all-time favourite novel and will forever hold a place in her heart.
“I was here. TF”

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