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What were you doing when you were eight? Playing with princesses and knights in shining armor? Practicing your times tables? Conquering bullies for the greater good of people’s lives whom you have never met and don’t affect you? Probably the first two, I would assume. Well, Christian McPhilamy chose the latter.

Eight-year-old Florida native McPhilamy grew his hair out to donate to cancer patients, despite bullies calling him “a girl” (as if it’s an insult). For over two years, this young boy grew out his blonde locks after being inspired by a St. Jude Hospital commercial. Christian made a huge difference in people’s lives without breaking the bank. By donating his hair, he donated an organ. Hair is a part of the integumentary system — which consists of skin, nails, and body hair. By donating his hair, Christian returned normalcy and self-love to hospital patients of all ages.

Time and time again, too many people overlook charities and programs because they can’t/don’t want to donate an absurd amount of money. I get it — times are tough — but there’s always something you can do to help that doesn’t require an immense amount of cash flow. You don’t have to break the bank to make a change.

For example:

  1. You could volunteer at your local soup kitchen.
  2. You could volunteer at the hospital.
  3. You could hold a bake sale to raise money for your favorite charity.
  4. You could create an online petition at to gain awareness for your cause.
  5. YOU could grow out YOUR hair!

There are always ways to help other people, and it’s time to rethink what you’re doing with your life. If this young boy can grow his hair out long enough to donate 40 inches of hair, then imagine what you could do as a fully functional adult with connections, life experience, and bigger and better ideas! The possibilities are endless! This summer, I challenge you to do something good for your community. If you see something that should be changed — change it! Whether that’s picking up trash at the park or going to city hall to request a stop sign at a high traffic area.

Be the change you wish to see in the world.

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