Coachella and Beyond: What to Wear to Upcoming Music Festivals

It’s spring at last!  And with spring comes an abundance of music and art festivals (the most notorious being Coachella here in Cali). If you are planning on going to Coachella, or any other indie event, I’m sure that the question “What should I wear!?” has plagued you. During these events, most girls tend to wear things that are, I hate to say, a bit trashy; typical apparel consists of short shorts and bathing suit tops. I understand that it’s hot — it’s in the middle of nowhere — and you want to have fun. However, I think that there are ways to dress comfortably for the heat without bringing shame to your grandparents. Here are my top three outfits for music festivals*:

* if you have no intention on going to any festivals, these tips can apply to spring/summer styles in general 

1. Bring Back the Overalls

Overalls are back in. They are comfy, quirky, and cute when paired with a bandeau or bralette. This way you can show off your fun undergarment without looking or feeling like you are walking around in your underwear.




How to wear: You can mix it up with light or dark wash denim and a fun pattern or color underneath. Bralettes come in all different colors and fabrics from lace to velvet, so this outfit is easily customizeable.

How to accessorize: To add a small flourish, a common festival trend is to wear flower wreaths. Some people like huge flowers; I prefer smaller, dainty ones, but it’s up to you!

2. It’s Okay to Show Some Skin

I think the halter top is underrated. Many festival goers are quick to grab their itty bitty crop top and show off their stomachs, but, personally, I think that showing off the back is classier and more flattering.



How to wear: You can wear a plain halter with fun, printed flowy shorts (and vice versa), or you can opt for a crochet top with high-waisted denim.

How to accessorize: A small backpack is very useful (and a great alternative to the fanny pack!) since you will be carrying around water, sunglasses, show passes, etc. Also, don’t forget the sunscreen!!!

3. Don’t be afraid to wear a dress!

This is the time to be bold and make some statements. A lightweight babydoll dress is unexpected and definitely comfortable.

coachella 2


How to wear: Make sure you go with a thin material since, as I said before, it may be hot. You can even pair a sheerer dress with a cool bralette underneath. Keep in mind that if you do go in a dress, wear something functional (nothing too short, tight, or impractical).

How to accessorize: Here I paired the dress with sandals, but keep in mind that you’ll be doing a lot of walking, and it can be very dusty (depending on where you go). Also, a floppy hat is good for shade, but don’t wear one too outrageous, or you may block your (or someone else’s) view of the performers.

Hopefully, with these basic tips, you will be the center of attention wherever you go this spring and summer. Remember that you don’t need to substitute comfort for style, and a fun and flirty look does not equal less clothing. Whatever you wear, make sure that you feel happy and feel like yourself.

Ultimately, as long as you are confident, you will look great!

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