Coffee by Odiyl Alfonso

I guess I’ll wake up again, stretch– then sadly remember the little encounter I had with my enemy, Fear. Grab my coffee mug, pour a bit of depression and allow that to burn my lips, the lips you once kissed and enjoyed, maybe the burn from the coffee will substitute you for a while, because I miss that heat you give me everyday. The sparks, the shivers and the warmth you provide, these are all deeply missed. Maybe one day I’ll feel them again, but for now– this coffee will do.





Odiyl Alfonso new

Odiyl Alfonso is 15 years old and moved from the Philippines to the US a couple years ago. Raw and unapologetic, Alfonso’s impatience comes as no surprise. With quirky expressions and tiny bursts of satire, it’s fair to say she’s impeccable. Her voice demands to be heard and echoed throughout the hearts of generations to come. Alfonso also has a driven passion for New York and dreams of living within the city one day. Eager to move and get on with her life, leaving an everlasting impression. To view some of her works, follow her Wattpad: @ReyesAnne & her Instagram: @pp.poems

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