Dear me, 

I hope a couple of years from now you’re okay. I hope you’re able to read this not as a ghost but as a much better person. I hope as you’re reading this you’re either over him or having a good relationship with him. I know he promised that he’d come back for you, that no matter what happened he won’t be over you. You may or may not remember, but to this day, as I submit this letter for you, you’re currently crying because of him. You’re in deep pain. You’re regretting things I know you shouldn’t regret. But as you read this, Future Me, I want you to remember that you were such a strong person. In my time, you wanted to kill yourself and pretend everything was an accident, but you’re such a body full of kindness you decided to stay and make everybody happy, even though you know you’re in pain at this moment.

Future Me, I hope you achieved our dreams. I hope you’re in New York City being a happy kid, or may I say, a happy lady that you are. I hope some of your words have been published because I’m counting on you. This is the only way we can prove to people that they shouldn’t have doubted us, they shouldn’t have left us; this is our chance to show them the things we were capable of ever since.

But even after all that, I want you to forgive. Forgive and forget, Odiyl. Forgive everyone who did you wrong in high school. I know how painful it was for you; I’m still living it. Forgive him, Odiyl. Forget whatever happened. Trust me, it will feel extra better. Holding in anger wasn’t helpful. I hope you learned that by now. Thank them, be grateful, and appreciate all the negativity they gave you instead, because if it wasn’t for them, you wouldn’t be standing up high.

… and I am very proud of you, princess.



the past you.




Odiyl AlfonsoOdiyl Alfonso is 15 years old and moved from the Philippines to the US a couple years ago. Raw and unapologetic, Alfonso’s impatience comes as no surprise. With quirky expressions and tiny bursts of satire, it’s fair to say she’s impeccable. Her voice demands to be heard and echoed throughout the hearts of generations to come. Alfonso also has a driven passion for New York and dreams of living within the city one day. Eager to move and get on with her life, leaving an everlasting impression. To view some of her works, follow her Wattpad: @ReyesAnne & her Instagram: @pp.poems 

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